Soft Green 100% Cashmere Hot Water Bottle Cover

$49.00 USD

When the winter wind is howling outside, or when you're not feeling well and just want to get comfy, snuggling up with a hot water bottle can be the perfect remedy.

Why not wrap that hot water bottle in the softest, coziest cashmere for an extra dose of luxury and indulgence?

This hot water bottle cover is re-purposed from a gorgeous soft green 100% cashmere sweater, which has been felted to make it feel even softer and more plush than ever before.

Laid flat, the cover measures 8" x 13" (20cm x 33cm), and fits a standard (2L) hot water bottle (not included). The neck easily stretches to insert the hot water bottle, then regains its shape to keep the bottle in place.

Whether as a treat for yourself or for someone special in your life, cashmere makes a terrific gift! Find lots more of it here:

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