Practical Doesn't Have to Mean Boring

Do you seek out high-quality handmade items that are designed by independent makers - and that don’t look like they came from the mall?  Do you love finding just the item you’re looking for, and - bonus! - it’s beautifully made in a gorgeous graphic print or colour?  Do you take pride in giving unique, thoughtful gifts to your loved ones?  Welcome, Friend, you’ve come to the right place! 

My name is Kerry McGean, and I make awesome yoga bags and travel jewelry organizers.  I have a bit of a thing for bold prints and beautiful solid colours - boring fussy patterns just aren’t my style!

Just the Facts:

1. Items are made in & shipped from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
2. This is my full-time 'job'
3. effie handmade is named for my Gramma, because she’s awesome!

The Long(er) Version:

My name is Kerry McGean, and I’m the maker behind effie handmade. I personally design and make each item in my home studio near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I started effie in 2008, making jewelry as a creative outlet/distraction from my boring office job and selling it through my Etsy shop of the same name. Today, hand-making has evolved into my full-time job, and sewing has taken center stage. I never would’ve guessed I’d end up here, but the very best discovery has been how much I love working for myself.  I work harder than ever before, but now that I’ve had a taste of freedom, I never want to set foot in a cubicle again!

Today I get to spend my time creating beautiful and functional accessories, and then sending them off to every corner of the world (so far 37 countries and counting!).  I’m so grateful for my customers who value items made one-at-a-time, because they allow me to do what I love!

Oh, and if you're wondering who ‘effie’ is…  The original Effie is my Gramma (well, it’s her middle name).  She is funny and kind and loving and awesome, and has had a major influence on my life.  She’s in her early 90’s now, but her sharp wit can still keep me on my toes! effie handmade is named in her honor. 

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“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” –William Morris