news from effie's studio

Feelin' the love!

I have fantastic customers.  Over the past couple months they’ve been sending me some particularly terrific feedback and photos, so I just wanted to take a minute to gush a little bit! :)

Here's Jasmin in Singapore looking awesome with her custom yoga bag:

and Stephanie from NY showed off her new effie yoga bag on Instagram:

Lots of other customers post their lovely feedback on Etsy, like Cassie in NJ:

OK, just a few more...

  • “Quality design, fabric and stitching; and arrived beautifully wrapped with a lovely little note- this is why I love buying handmade!” – C.A., Australia
  • “The jewelry roll was amazing! So cute and the perfect size. My bridesmaids loved them. Thank you so much!” – S.T., NY, USA
  • “Color: fabulous. Durability and design: fabulous. Walking into yoga class with this bag strapped to my back: priceless.” – F.C., NY USA
  • “Love, love love, love them!” – E.C., Edmonton AB

Receiving reviews like these makes my day, and acts as great motivation when I'm working alone in my studio.  A big thank you to all of my fabulous customers who take the time to come back and let me know how much they love their purchases!

If you have an effie handmade item that you'd like to show off in its natural habitat, make sure you tag me (I'm @effiehandmade just about everywhere!) - I'd love to see it!

Will This Bag Make My Yoga Mat Look Big?

Are you looking for the perfect yoga bag to tote your mat to class?  Do you wonder if your yoga mat will fit in an effie handmade yoga mat bag?

I'm often asked “I have a __brand & style __ mat.  Will it fit in your yoga bags?”

My yoga mat bags are designed to fit most standard mats, but since there’s such a wide variety of mats on the market, a couple simple measurements will help you know for sure. Grab a tape measure or ruler, and determine 1) the width of your mat, and 2) its rolled diameter.

It’s that simple!  Mats up to 26" wide will fit comfortably and still allow plenty of room for the drawstring to close the bag at the top (in this photo the mat is pulled out a bit for illustration purposes).  

Is your mat larger than those dimensions?  Contact me about creating a custom yoga mat bag made to fit!

When Size Matters

Sometimes bigger really IS better. When it comes to the drawstring cord in effie’s yoga mat bags, I was beyond tired of having to buy it in teeny tiny packages. Finally. after months (years?) of searching, this bad boy moved into my studio the other day:


From 30ft packages to a 3000ft roll is an upgrade that was long-overdue! I’m probably a little TOO excited about it, but as I continue to add new stockists for these yoga mat bags all the time, I'm glad to finally have lots on hand!  :)

Is your yoga bag due for an upgrade? Check out the selection of effie yoga mat bags available in my shop. And if size matters for you (or your mat happens to be on the large size), talk to me about a creating one in a custom size!