news from effie's studio

effie turns eight - April 21, 2016

Time flies when you're having fun! I still can hardly believe it, but today marks 8 years that I've been in business! 8 years since I put my first listing up on Etsy, and 8 years since I sold and shipped that very first item off into the world (it was a pair of earrings, if you're wondering. Things have evolved since then!)

I feel so lucky to be able to do something I love every day. Working in my home studio surrounded by color and pattern, making things with my hands, and especially getting to send them off to you all over the world, is just the best!

Thank you so much for your support!

taking a break from the studio to enjoy what's just outside

I love working at home, but it's easier some days than others. Snowing and -25°C? definitely easier. But a gorgeous sunny Spring day? now that's a bit more of a challenge…

The past few days it’s been a little harder to stay inside and be disciplined about getting work done. After a long dreary winter, the sun’s out, it’s finally beautiful and warm, and everything is in bloom.  I took a break from sewing yesterday to wander around the yard and soak up some of the beautiful weather. Here are a few glimpses of what's just outside my door tempting me while I’m inside working…

There was no one else around but this little guy, so it was a lovely midday break before heading back in to finish sewing some yoga mat bags!